We’re authentic storytellers.

Our favorite method of storytelling is video and film. And it just so happens that the latest statistics show video is by far the best communication method, so we usually incorporate video into everything we do.

We aren’t happy unless you are happy. We strive to utilise the latest technology and workflows to speed up delivery and reduce costs, therefore, increasing your ROI. Technology is moving so fast these days, its hard to keep up. Luckily, we have a geeky side so we love keeping up with the latest video production tech!

Don’t worry

We got you


Experience counts
Our team have over 10 years experience working in the industry, across numerous roles on a wide range of projects ranging from small corporate videos to big budget feature films. Video production is our favourite thing!
High quality
Every project we put our heart and soul into, and that shows, with the quality of our work, we don’t settle for second best.
Shooting your content one day, updating your website the next. We always strive to utilise that latest technology to increase quality and productivity whilst reducing cost for our clients.
Results driven
Whats the point of a video if nobody sees it or the wrong people see it? It’s a bit of a waste right. Our video campaigns are designed to tell your story to right people, which is what gets you results.
Schedules and deadlines are set for a reason, so we make sure we hit the mark with timing, every time.
Easy to work with
We’re super easy going and we love a coffee. We’d love to meet you! Let us demonstrate to you how we will take your next video production and brand content to the next level!


| Matt Read
Matt Read - Drover Studios

With over 12 years in the industry Matt is an all rounder, having worked in various roles, from visual effects, post sound, film editor and camera operator. Matt has a vast technical knowledge, and is the owner/founder of Drover Studios.

EMAIL: matt@droverstudios.com.au

PHONE: +61 402 679 145

| Scott Mulgrew
Scott Mulgrew - Drover Studios

Passionate about story telling, Scott Mulgrew has been working professionally as a camera operator and film editor for over 10 years. He has extensive experience and knowledge on the production process

EMAIL: scott@droverstudios.com.au